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A happy tale of Manju Bai

Manju Bai with family

Manju Bai lives with her parents Ratan Singh and Leela Bai in Munj Ka Pura, a remote village in Rajasthan, India. Her husband is a soldier in the Army and is posted in Roorkee which is about 1000 kms away. She visits him once in a while in Roorkee as she cannot afford the travel expenses. She is dependent on her mobile phone to communicate with him. As her village does not have electricity, she has to travel to neighboring villages to charge her mobile phone.  Each time she does this, she must pay 5 rupees, which is a lot of money considering that her monthly income is only 500 rupees (USD 10). Now it does not cost anything to charge her phone since it is done by the Solar Lantern donated by Sameer! In addition, she does not have to spend money on kerosene for her lamp. The money she saves makes her life much easier. Thanks to this gift Manju Bai is able to talk with her husband more frequently!

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