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The Solar Lantern Project

Mission of the Solar Lantern Project

To bring light and thereby prosperity into the lives of people living in remote villages

About the Solar Lantern Project

This pilot project explores the possibility of creating a social change in the life of very poor people who live in remote villages, where there is little or no electricity and no means of communication. Once the light is introduced, children are able to study and parents are able to do additional work to increase their income.

Sujala Lantern 201

Key Features:

• Long life battery
• Minimal maintenance
• Fitted with long life bright LED’s
• Omni-directional pure white light
• 10 year use with near zero operational cost
• Long operational time of 6 hours between charging
• Charging option from solar panel or AC adapter where electricity is available
• $30 includes lantern and solar panel

What is the life of Sujala Solar lantern?

• The lantern lasts up to 10 years
• The battery needs to be changed after two years. It costs less than $5.

Why should you donate?

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to bring a wonderful change in the lives of others!

Imagine how a family with children who never had light in their homes will feel when a solar light donated by you lights up their home!  Children can improve their studies and parents can improve their earnings!  Support The Restoring Force and a rural family!

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